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The snuffing mat is an ideal tool for your pet to have fun sniffing. It is a training toy for animals (dog, cat, rodent, miniature pig). It’s a simple tool; All you have to do is hide treats or dry food there and the animal will find them by sniffing.Supervision is always required during use.


The snuffing mat has several benefits:

1- Prevents the animal from swallowing its food

2- Cognitively stimulates the animal

3- Helps relieve separation anxiety


The bottom of the snuffing mat is covered with fleece so it can be easily moved without scratching your floors.


Our snuffing mats are made from recovered polar fleeces.


Dimensions: 12 in. x 13 in.

Single snuffing mat

SKU: TapisDeFouille020
  • Hand wash, air dry

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